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Submitted on
January 29, 2009


54 (who?)
Women in Art - Part II
(Traditional - Sculpture)

The many and varied images and themes of women in art.

Adoration by Scrybe :thumb108732856: Haunting Moon Faerie closeup by wingdthing Wind of Prayer by Sleetwealth Moonlight Lullaby Faerie 1 by wingdthing Bather by lawrencew Before the Dream by AlfredParedes Welcome to Fairytasia... by fairytasia Into the Dark by AlfredParedes Dreamer Waking by AlfredParedes Ballerina 7 by Lepidact Contemplating Utopia by livesteel Form Follows Function by ou8nrtist2 Wind - 2 by AlfredParedes Figure Study by sculptorchic expecting by carvenaked Lea  WIP detail 2 by Sleetwealth Lilith by sculptorchic Figure Fragment by sculptorchic Courtesan Masquerade - face by wingdthing Resurected by folkeby Romantic Pin Up by wingdthing Welcome to Fairytasia... by fairytasia Invocation by ou8nrtist2 :thumb52849528: Galatea ,close up by ou8nrtist2 Briar icypink closeup by Sleetwealth The Durga by Myrddyn round girl by carvenaked Still she has no name by Sleetwealth tension by Linguslingus bentgirl by carvenaked yern by Linguslingus :thumb86454513: Search by Linguslingus Scarlet Masquerade 1 by wingdthing death lady by dragonsculptor Frost Queen 3 by wingdthing Meadow Faery sculpt by yaamas AH Black Queen by TKMillerSculpt ILLITH sculpture by williamnezme Dancer: Headshot by JessicaDru juliet by mkm3d :thumb51484446: Ophelia by Dasmara Venus and Her Twin Moons by ou8nrtist2 Free Spirit by ArtyAMG Artemisia 3qrt veiw by Sleetwealth :thumb56512933: Figurehead for movie set by mkm3d 'Ann', detail by dreamfloatingby Midnight. Contortionist Study by dreamfloatingby "Nouveau Figure" 2 by MarkNewman aurora by angotti81 Selkie by Sleetwealth 'Swan'. Nude Contortionist. by dreamfloatingby Candy Girl - A Lollipop Diva 2 by wingdthing Womans Diving by MarkNewman "Black Beauty" by MarkNewman Bust fini by mkm3d figure levitation by lizthompson :thumb96413779: 'Mermaid' full view by MarkNewman Ballerina 2 by Lepidact Medusa 2 by MarkNewman Dryad Lianna close by Sleetwealth Charlotte back by copicatz Thought by copicatz "Grace" by MarkNewman Dreaming of Lakes by Linguslingus Marina Cvetaeva by valerskoolpt Jenny from the rear by copicatz Steel Mary -side- by lislecrocodile Debbie detail by copicatz Utro - morning by valerskoolpt No. 6.0 by BrooklynMachineWorks "masked" - complete by DarkSunRose introspection by intelleco Portrait, Tracy L by lawrencew Wind - 1 by AlfredParedes emerging by carvenaked Sculp lifesize 1 by Sylent-Anpu-Phantom Aurora: Angotti81 by sculptureclub Untitled-2 by WendyArtist oak torso by carvenaked for you my dear by oomparradar COPPER WIRE ROBOT WOMAN by seanmadden :thumb32629117: Daughter of Atlantis by HOULY1970

I will be putting together future "Women in Art" themed articles.  In the traditional, digital and photgraphic mediums, so if you would like to suggest an artist or a particular work to be included, please do so  :heart:  

Ps.  Thank you to all those that have already suggested artworks, I will keep all your suggestions and include the works in the appropriate categories in upcoming Articles :heart:


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Women in Art - Traditional (Painting & Drawing)…
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I'm glad I found such community...I can't draw men,only women ;P
Oh YAY ... what can i say Women are just so beautiful :heart:
FinalVirucide Feb 27, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Absolutely love the featured works, very interesting and creative sculptures there :)
Thank you so much, so glad you enjoyed my Article, and yes they are just amazing arent they :heart:
thanks again!!!!
My pleasure sweetie :iconkissingplz:
yara001 Feb 6, 2009   Traditional Artist
sculptures are so interesting! i admire people who can make them1!heart:
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